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How to Make Money With My Phone Without Investment 2024

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

Who don’t like extra cash in their pocket? Of course, every single one! Stop wasting your time scrolling reels, put a little effort into the right method, and start earning from mobile. Luckily, there are enough tools, apps, and resources to make money, but it can be bothersome to explore them all and choose which one is better and most importantly profitable. 

If you’re in a dilemma about how to earn money online without investment in mobile, this article is especially for you! Here we have discussed 12 best and practical ways to make money from your phone.

Earn through Mobile using our Handpicked 12 Methods

1. Earn on Mobile using an Investment App

A time-tested way to make money in the long run, the investment app makes it easy to buy and sell stocks, securities, and more from your mobile. There are many great investing apps that you can download and install and try your luck at day trading to prepare yourself for the future.

2. Sell your Old Belongings – Make Money from your Phone

Do you want to earn from mobile apps by selling your used or untouched stuff? The good news is that these types of mobile apps exist. Platforms like Poshmark allow you to sell old clothes, home decor, books, and other items that no longer matter to you. Discover or sell them and make some extra money.

3. Earn Money through the Phone by Playing Games

make money from your phone

Today, the smartphone app market is loaded with a number of games. While most of them let you waste your time, some of them help to earn online on mobile while having fun too. For example, Mistplay allows you to collect rewards by playing games on your smartphone. Although playing video games on the phone won’t make you wealthy, it’s certainly one of the best ways to earn some extra cash—free or with minimal time & investment.

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4. Get Involved in Consumer Research

Are you confused about how to earn money from my phone? Another best way is to share your opinions. However, there are plenty of organizations, enterprises, or companies eager to pay cash to be part of regular consumer research. The important thing is that you are getting paid for answering questions and completing surveys. The money you receive varies from surgery site to site.

5. Earn from Mobile by Watching Videos

Earn from Mobile by Watching Videos

Thinking about how to make money from my phone! There could be an opportunity to get paid by watching videos on a smartphone. For example, Swagbucks offers money to users for watching videos and completing other tasks such as taking surveys or playing games. However, watching videos may not be the most attractive option for earning extra money. But, it does not require any specific skill or degree.

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6. Join a User Testing to Make Money

Most of the brands want to know what users think about their services and goods. Simply say, earn money using your phone by sharing your thoughts. UserTesting is one of the best platforms that attract consumers to give their feedback on the brand’s product, which helps the brand improve its manufacturing. uTest is another popular company to check out if you are interested in becoming a user testing partner.

7. Make Money from Your Phone by Sharing your Expertise

For those who are talented or knowledgeable enough in a specific field, have a great chance to make passive income from home. All they need to share their knowledge with learners via learning apps. The popular and most used expertise application to make money using your phone is JustAnswer. 

8. Operate a Shopify Store 

Operate a Shopify Store 

Earn mobile money now can be easy by managing a shopping store. For example, Shopify has a mobile app that allows users to access everything they need to manage their store from their smartphone. On this app, you can add products, complete orders, manage inventory, connect with customers, compare sales channels, etc.

9. Photo Selling 

Love capturing pictures with your smartphone? You’re lucky to make money with your phone by selling your pictures to photo websites, including Shutterstock, Foap, etc. If someone downloads them, you get paid. 

10. Become a Dropshipper

Among all the ways to earn money online by mobile, this is something interesting. By becoming a dropshipper, one can establish a storefront and buy products from 3rd suppliers or companies at wholesale. Once you are successful in supplying an item at retail price, that company is liable for completing the order and shipping out the goods 

11. Download Gig Applications to Make Money using Phone

Becoming a part of gig apps helps connected users find earning opportunities at the local level. Depending on which gig app you install and use, you can make money buying and delivering groceries, walking pets, driving people around, delivering restaurant orders, and more.

12. Run your YouTube Channel

earn money from my phone

This is the best way for people searching for how to make money from my phone for free. When it comes to profitable ways, YouTube is an ideal choice. Establish a solid clientele and take advantage of the viewing hours needed to sell products, sponsorship content, affiliate marketing, super chat, and stickers, as well as monetize from ads. For this, you can use your phone to make money in the long run.

Why Should you Earn Money using your Mobile Phone? 

Making money from mobile does have numerous benefits. Following are the existing and practical advantages you should check out and know why you need to earn by mobile:

1. Flexibility in work 

Mobile-based working opportunities let you choose your own working hours and place. This will indeed provide you the ease and independence to earn whenever suitable for you.  

2. Great convenience 

In earning money using mobile, you have the chance to work from anywhere, anytime – be it your workplace, home, or while you are in the car or traveling in the countryside. All you need is a reliable and stable internet connection.

3. Broad range of opportunities

One can have plenty of options to make money from phone, from taking part in research and completing surveys to doing freelance work, selling goods or services, and much more. With just the use of the phone, you can explore possible paths and rely on the one that best suits your interests and earning desires.

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4. No special training or tool is required 

While some mobile-based earning opportunities like freelance content writing require editing, proofreading, and SEO skills, as well as good understanding, there are some other opportunities that do not require you to have many skills or any other equipment like a PC.

5. Side income source 

Earn money with phone, for some people, is an additional source of income. Earning this way provides a great cash flow that helps cover expenses, indulge interests and hobbies, and meet your financial goals

6. Accessible to a different kind of people 

Earning money from mobile gives disabled people or people who have mobility issues an opportunity to earn money without going anywhere. In this way, they are able to join the workforce and earn money.


How to earn money from smartphones now become easier. Just need the right app and strategy and you can earn extra money by doing many easy tasks including selling photos, investing, providing services, taking surveys, etc. What are you waiting for? Create extra income and take the pressure off your budget, while also achieving your financial goals like paying off debt or saving.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to earn money with mobile apps?

The best way is to earn money with a smartphone using E-commerce apps such as Shopify, marketplace applications like eBay, and affiliate marketing apps like ExtraPe, etc.

2. How to make money with my phone without investment?

Listen to music, watch videos, sign up for services, sell products online, play mobile games, do voiceovers, offer customer support, work as a user tester, or do anything that helps make money with a phone without investment.

3. How to make money with a smartphone?

You can make money via mobile apps by fulfilling orders, participating in consumer surveys, selling goods, working as a freelancer, or providing services on platforms like Upwork, and Fiverr, or via rewards and cashback apps.

4. Which apps are the best for making money?

There are numerous leading money-making apps these days, including ExtraPe, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Declutrr, Upside, Rakuten, Rocket Money, and a lot more.

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