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How To Earn Money From YouTube? | Make Money From Youtube

how to earn money on youtube

YouTube is one of the largest streaming platforms with millions of people visiting and watching the content every day. With such a huge number of visitors every day, the revenue generated by this platform is massive that you can’t even think of it! Have you ever thought about the question of how to earn money on YouTube? If not, then now is the time to learn the best methods and a few exceptional ways to make money on YouTube. Let’s learn something exciting!

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How Much Do YouTubers Earn In India?

YouTubers are making huge money these days. As per the report available on the Ambition box, an average amount close to Rs. 4 lacs is earned by a YouTuber. These figures aren’t fixed and might vary as per the number of subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. How much can a person earn from YouTube in India is a subjective question that depends on various factors including visitors, number of views, subscribers, etc.

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How YouTubers Earn Money In India? – The First Step Towards It

If you also want to start your journey to earn from YouTube, then the very first step is to make and create your YouTube channel. Without having a YouTube channel, you can’t make money from YouTube. The reason is very obvious. You must have your own YouTube channel because YouTube is a streaming platform. If you want to know how to earn money on YouTube, then read the entire blog.

How To Earn Money on YouTube in India – Best Ways to Do It

Here are few incredible ways to earn from YouTube India:

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

Becoming a member of the YouTuber Partner Program opens up the doors that lead to revenue generation from your channel. Putting in simpler terms, the YouTube Partner program enables you to earn money from YouTube. You must do the following measures to meet this:

Create your YouTube channel and click on the icon appearing in the top left corner.

  1. Click on the icon YouTube studio and thereafter click on the monetization icon.
  2. Now a document containing YouTube terms and conditions will appear on which you have to agree by clicking the ‘I Agree’ option.
  3. You have to make a AdSense Account. If you have an existing one, that would suffice the requirement.
  4. Now you will the YouTube monetization preferences. Set it on your own and proceed.
  5. Bravo, you completed the process. Now hold back and wait for the confirmation e-mail.
    It must also be noted that making money YouTube cannot be done by simply signing up for the partner program. You need to fit into the following parameters to join this YouTube partner program:
  • If you want to make money YouTube by joining this program, you need to make sure that you have at least 1000 subscribers at the time of applying for this program.
  • Your content on YouTube must conform to YouTube guidelines.
  • If you want to earn money from YouTube by joining this program, you have to make sure that your channel must have 4000 credible public watch hours in the preceding 12 months.
  • You have a valid Google AdSense account that is linked to the YouTube channel you wish to monetize.
    Hence, the most appropriate answer to your question how to earn money on YouTube, you can join the YouTube Partner Program and generate income from YouTube.

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2. Start with the Affiliate Marketing

If you are asking how to earn money from YouTube and looking for the best & most practical method to do so, then starting with Affiliate Marketing would be a wise choice. An Affiliate Marketer earns from every successful order placed through his affiliate link. If you create your YouTube channel, share the affiliate link on it, and persuade people to purchase it, then you are gonna earn a huge buck with every order placed through your affiliate link.

Now the question is how to join the Affiliate Program. The answer is very simple; Join ExtraPe, India’s leading affiliate marketing platform that offers its users an earning potential of Rs. 50,000/- a month. Associate with 200 e-commerce stores and promote their products on YouTube to make to start making money with YouTube today.

3. Sell your own products and Merchandise on YouTube

Money making on YouTube can become a much simpler task if you have your products or merchandise to exhibit and sell to your subscribers and visitors. making money on YouTube by selling your products accomplishes 2 objectives. One is the increased number of subscribers and the second is the generation of money that you will be earning through the sale of your products. So, if your question is how to earn money from YouTube in India or how to earn money on YouTube, then this is the best trick you must consider.

4. The Brand Sponsorship

how can I earn money from YouTube is the most asked question nowadays. Brand sponsorship is the way you may opt for, provided that you have a good network on YouTube. You can approach companies to promote their items if you have a sizable audience and subscriber base on YouTube. Networking and connecting with good brands that pay well to their sponsors should be your first step. Thereafter, you have to make videos and market the products that a brand has asked you to promote. Therefore, it is the aptest solution to how earn money YouTube in India.

5. YouTube Super Thanks

If your loyal subscribers want to express their gratitude and appreciate your content, then that is possible via the Super Thanks. It is one of those excellent methods that allow you to earn money through YouTube India. A viewer purchases a Super Thanks. Once he does so, a colorful animation will be witnessed over your video. These Super Thanks contain a certain amount of money that is directly credited to you. For those who are asking how to make money by YouTube, then Super Thanks is something you must look for.

6. Make shots Videos with YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is the most recently launched feature by YouTube that allows its users to upload a short video on their channel. The search for the question of how to earn money in YouTube gains a full stop here. To promote the Shorts culture, YouTube has allocated a Dollar 100 million fund for the Shorts creators. To make money in YouTube, simply create a YouTube channel, create shorts videos, upload them and earn money.

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7. YouTube Premium

This is a trick that works at the discretion of the subscriber. When a person pays for a YouTube Premium subscription while watching your content, then a specific amount of what he paid for the subscription, will be paid to you. So, the question of how to earn through YouTube can be possible if the viewer pays for a premium subscription while watching your videos.

How Much Does a YouTuber Earn in India – Earning of Few Famous YouTubers

You might have been wondering how much YouTubers earn in India? it is human psychology that before we begin anything, we first search for the earning potential that we can make through by opting for a particular job. In a very similar manner, we often search for how much YouTubers earn in India and how do YouTubers make money in India. How YouTubers earn has already been stated at the beginning of the blog, but how much Indian YouTubers earn is listed below.

YouTubers Earnings
Carry Minati Above 16 Lakhs a month
Amit Bhadana Above 30 Lakhs a month
Bhuvan Bam Above 25 Lakhs a month
Ashish Chanchalani Above 16 Lakhs a month
Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji) Above 16 Lakhs a month

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We believe that we have been able to answer your query about how to earn money on YouTube. Making money from YouTube isn’t a cakewalk. You need to be persistent, determined, and regular in uploading the Video. Following these principles is how do YouTubers earn money in India.

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