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Top 15 Best Dropshipping Websites in India

Best Dropshipping Websites in India

Looking to enter the Indian dropshipping market? You’ve arrived at the ideal location! We’ll examine the top 15 dropshipping websites in this blog post to help you start your entrepreneurial journey. These platforms provide a wealth of products and resources to assist you succeed, whether you’re an experienced business owner or new to the e-commerce scene. Let’s search for India’s best dropshipping sites in India.

What is Dropshipping?

A retailer that uses dropshipping does not hold inventory for the items it sells. Instead, a business that uses the dropshipping model to sell a product buys the item from a third party and ships it straight to the buyer. This implies that the store is spared from handling the product directly or from having to pay for inventory storage. In dropshipping, the supplier, the retailer (or online store), and the client are usually involved. The retailer markets and sells products to consumers through their online platform. Following an order, the supplier sends the product straight to the client after receiving the retailer’s purchase and shipping information.

Once an order is placed, the retailer forwards the customer’s order and shipping details to the supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer.

Dropshipping has several benefits, such as little initial outlay, decreased operational expenses, and adaptability in terms of product choice. Entrepreneurs can quickly launch an online store without significant capital or inventory management. Retailers may try various items and markets with less risk thanks to dropshipping.

Aspiring business owners may make significant profits via dropshipping, but there are drawbacks as well, such fierce competition, a dependency on suppliers, and possible problems with product quality and delivery schedules. However, with strategic planning and effective management, dropshipping can be a profitable and scalable business model in today’s digital economy.

Dropshipping and its Future

Dropshipping has completely changed the e-commerce scene. It is a business model where a merchant buys things from a third party and ships them straight to the buyer, rather than keeping them in stock. Dropshipping has made it easier for ambitious business owners to enter the market because it requires less capital upfront and fewer operating expenses.

Dropshipping appears to have a bright future of dropshipping because of changes in consumer behavior and technological improvements. Retailers may concentrate on marketing and customer experience by using automation solutions to expedite order processing and inventory management. Additionally, entrepreneurs can now start dropshipping businesses more easily because of the growth of e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Nonetheless, obstacles including heightened rivalry and disturbances in the supply chain present risks to the long-term viability of dropshipping. Retailers need to put a high priority on customer service, brand development, and product variety if they want to stay competitive. Additionally, as customers’ perceptions of environmental sustainability and ethical product sourcing grow, dropshipping’s future will be shaped by these factors. Below will look for the dropshipping business ideas in india.

Best 15 Dropshipping Websites in India

1. Baapstore – best overall for India dropshipping

Baapstore | Dropshipping Websites in India
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2. SaleHoo – best for Shopify India dropshipping

salehoo dropshipping

If you like to utilize Shopify as your platform, we suggest SaleHoo. Shopify and the platform work effectively together. Because they have suppliers in India, it is the perfect provider for the Indian market.

SaleHoo Features

Directory– You can buy the directory if you don’t want integration. It is an online supplier directory for all of them. You can get in touch with the vendors listed in this directory and work out a deal.

If you do not want integration, you can purchase the directory. It is an online directory of all their suppliers. You can contact the suppliers from this directory and negotiate a deal with them.

Dropshipping– You may combine their app with Shopify. If you wish to automatically import items into your store, use this.

Education– They provide training materials and classes to help you become a successful drop shipper.

Products– In their directory, there are about 25 million goods. The fact that these items are sourced from reputable vendors is fantastic news.

SaleHoo Pros

  •   Indian providers are the ones you can pick from, not foreign ones.
  •   They provide training modules and handbooks.
  •   A tool for market research exists.

SaleHoo Cons

  •   Only Shopify is integrated with it.
  •   The service has a high price tag.

One of the leading dropshipping suppliers in India is SaleHoo. If you’re looking for a large retailer that serves a variety of markets. SaleHoo ensures that these suppliers fulfill their service criteria, thus all of the vendors listed here are reliable.

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3. CJDropshipping – best for general dropship store

CJDropshipping | Dropshipping Websites in India

One of the most well-known brands in the dropshipping industry is CJDropshipping. Since most items in India are dropshipped from China, we advise it for dropshipping in that country. Shipping is fast since India is located directly below China, as you may know.

CJDropshipping Features

Product Sourcing– If a product is available on Alibaba or AliExpress, you can submit a free sourcing request to CJ. You may list it in your store if they are successful. CJ will handle making the source acquisition.

Integration– CJ provides several integration choices. eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, and many more are a few examples.

Product Categories– Despite being smaller than AliExpress, CJ does feature over 500,000 goods.

CJDropshipping Pros

  •   Branding options are available
  •   They also offer print-on-demand services
  •   You can integrate it with several platforms

CJDropshipping Cons

  •   Shipping and handling can take a while if the item is not readily available in the warehouse

Overall, we recommend CJDropshipping if you have an online store you built. Do not use it on Lazada or Amazon. The issue with CJ is that they are unable to fulfil online marketplaces’ delivery speed requirements.

The problem with CJ is that they cannot meet the shipping speed requirement of online marketplaces.

4. AliDropship – best for generic dropshipping in India


The AliExpress dropshipping India plugin is called AliDropship. Use the AliDropship plugin to import goods from the AliExpress suppliers you’ve chosen if you wish to source your product straight from the platform. Because there are so many options available, we think it’s a good fit for the Indian market. So,  choosing the dropshipping suppliers India is crucial. 

AliDropship Features

Plugin– You can interface with WooCommerce via a plugin. To add items from AliExpress to your WooCommerce or WordPress store, use this plugin.

Professional Store– They charge at least $300 to create you a shop. You can request that they create one tailored to your expertise.

Store Replica– They have a roster of dropshipping businesses that are already profitable. If you would want, you may ask them to replicate this store.

AliDropship Pros

  •   Products from AliExpress may be imported into your business.
  •   For a reasonable sum, they will build you a shop.
  •   You may resale more than 100 million things.
  •   Worldwide shipping is free.

AliDropship Cons

  •   Shopify integration is nonexistent.
  •   Extra features on a website come at a price.

If you use WooCommerce, we suggest utilizing AliDropship. We also want to warn you regarding shipment. The shipping companies used by AliExpress vendors differ.

5. HotHaat – best for eBay and Amazon India dropshipping

HotHaat | Dropshipping supplier in India

An Indian dropshipping business is called HotHaat. We may thus anticipate that it will be a fantastic partner. Its dropshipping-specific supply chain management is essentially its business strength. Choosing this dropshipping business in India will give many benefits.

HotHaat Features

Customer help is available around the clock. If you are having trouble, you may contact them via phone or email.

Integration: The system may be integrated with Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other online marketplaces.

Free delivery: They provide free international delivery on a large number of items.

Discounts: You will receive significant savings on the products you resale as a member.

Transparency is the potential problem you may have with HotHaats. Unless you register, you are unable to view their items. You should register for free to view their stuff.

HotHaat Pros

  •   You can integrate the platform with leading online marketplaces
  •   They accept returns and cancellations
  •   24/ 7 support

HotHaat Cons

  •   Not a lot of products available as AliExpress
  •   No clarity on policies

If you wish to interface with Amazon and eBay, HotHaat is perfect. Worldwide delivery is provided at no cost by them. You may thus anticipate a healthy profit margin from this.

6. Printful – best for clothing


A print-on-demand business is called Printful. Because of the customization choices, it is among the top drop shipping wholesalers. Your conversion rate might rise if you create items that appeal to the Indian market.

Printful Features

Integration: Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and several more platforms may be integrated with the Printful system.

Social media: Printful allows you to sell on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Mock-Ups: You will receive mock-up copies of every product you develop. These mock-ups are pictures of your product that show it in operation.

Dropshipping: No need to make large purchases. The only thing left to do is create the product. Purchase each item at retail, and the vendors will arrange for shipping to India.

Printful Pros

  •   The products have several mock-up options
  •   Easy to integrate
  •   More than 300 types of products
  •   The design maker is easy to use

Printful Cons

  •   You need to upgrade to have access to copyright-free images
  •   Embroidery is only available in higher plans

If you want to create a distinctive store, use Printful. Here, every product is blank. The success of your company is contingent upon your level of design proficiency.

7. Spocket – best free dropshipping supplier in India

Spocket | Dropshipping supplier in India

8. Shein – best for India clothing dropshipping


One of the biggest dropshipping companies in India is Shein. Use Shein if your niches are clothes and fashion, as it has an Indian warehouse and an Indian client website.

Shein Features

Trendy: Every piece from Shein fits the prevailing style. Because they are stylish, selling them is simple.

Transparency in Shipping: They provide a list of shipping costs. You’ll be aware of the shipping fees and estimated delivery time.

Marketing Materials: You may use a lot of Shein’s photographs to promote the product. You may download a variety of models and photos from their store.

Product Categories: Shien offers a vast selection of product categories. Lingerie, sportswear, blouses, business clothes, shoes and purses, jumpsuits, and many more are a few examples.

Shein Pros

  •   Thousands of products
  •   Lots of product varieties
  •   Affordable products
  •   Fast shipping

Shein Cons

  •   No integration

If your specialty is women’s clothes, use Shein. You may do without another provider when you use Shien. You may sell thousands of things from this one firm.

Take Shein’s branding off of any photographs you use if you utilize them. If not, the customer may visit their website and make a purchase there.

9. Niche Dropshipping – best wholesale and white-label dropship supplier in India

In India, Niche Dropshipping focuses on dropshipping business in bulk, under private label, and white label. If you want to build your brand, dropshipping to India is a great option.

Niche Dropshipping Features

Product Sourcing: You might ask them to find a source for a certain item on your behalf. This is useful if you want to sell a product that you saw online.

Bulk Storage: They will keep your purchases if you make them in large quantities. If a consumer orders, they will mail each item individually.

You can request that they mass-manufacture a product under your name and label it under your private label or white label. Remember that you have to purchase these in quantity.

Niche Dropshipping Pros

  •   Excellent for branded goods
  •   You can ask them to source products for you
  •   You will have a dedicated dropshipping agent
  •   They offer worldwide shipping

Niche Dropshipping Cons

  •   Shipping can take a while

If you wish to dropship on a large scale, use niche dropshipping. It turned out that CJ and Niche work for the same organisation. They claimed to be sister businesses.

CJ works great in retail. Niche is great for dropshipping in volume at a wholesale price; they’ll store your products in a warehouse.

10. Dropified – best organic dropshipping in India


Two distinct curricula are offered by Dropified. The first is a typical dropship supplier database and tool. The second are brand-name food supplements. We suggest using the latter if you want to use Indian dropshipping to concentrate on the health industry.

Dropified Features

Supplier Substitute: The system will recommend other suppliers in case your current one runs out of stock.

Integration: Facebook, eBay, and Amazon may be integrated with Dropified.

Bundle: The method allows you to buy items in bulk at a lower cost than if you were to buy them individually.

Automated: You own our price guidelines. If the provider modifies its pricing, your business will promptly adjust its price to reflect the new information.

Dropified Pros

  •   All products are high-quality
  •   They have excellent branding programs and methods
  •   The system integrates big online marketplaces
  •   You can track your shipment

Dropified Cons

  •   Products are expensive
  •   No free account

One of the leading dropshipping companies in India with an emphasis on premium goods is Dropified. If you utilize their service, you will have to pay money. It is worthwhile. If you want to influence the Indian market, use Dropified.

11. Doba – best furniture supplier

doba-dropshipping | Dropshipping website in India

Doba directly competes with CJDropshipping. If you wish to dropship from India to quality vendors, we suggest Doba. Additionally, they frequently offer sales, so you may get goods for less money.

 Doba Features

Integration: Doba is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more.

Inventory Syncing: If you utilise Doba across many platforms, your control interface is the Doba dashboard. Your changes will appear across all of these channels.

Clearance: The clearance sale is available to you as a member. These may be purchased for much less money.

Doba Pros

  •   Lots of premium items
  •   They offer big-ticket items like furniture
  •   You can do a bulk order upload
  •   They provide new product alerts

Doba Cons

  •   You cannot ask them to source products for you
  •   There is a limit to the number of products you can import

If you want management help, use Doba. We must warn you, nevertheless, that although Doba offers a free account, upgrading to a subscription plan will provide you with more value and features.

12. Modalyst – best for Indian clothing and jewelry


Modalyst is an apparel and jewelry product specialist. The world is aware that India is a gold-rich country. For this reason, if you wish to sell jewelry, Modalyst is your greatest dropshipping partner in India.

Modalyst Features

Integrations: Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, and Alibaba may all be integrated with Modalyst.

Automated Markups: Your items will be automatically priced by the system based on the pricing you have entered.

Profit Calculator: The profit margin, sale price, and capital cost are displayed by the system.

Order tracking: After placing your order, you will be given a tracking number. Your consumer might receive this tracking number from you.

Modalyst Pros

  •   You can source wholesale from Alibaba
  •   They offer branding options
  •   You can integrate the system with other platforms
  •   There are millions of items you can resell

Modalyst Cons

  •   You can only sell 25 items with a free account

If you wish to focus on the jewellery and fashion categories, choose Modalyst. Their items are imported from the United States. You may thus target Indian consumers who are interested in Western items.

13. AppScenic – best for imported furniture dropshipping for India


14. HyperSKU – best dropshipping wholesaler manufacturer in India


Recently, HyperSKU has gained popularity as one of the top dropship vendors. Because of its branding choices, we rank this as one of the best drop shipping companies in India.

HyperSKU Features

There are fifteen different product categories to select from. These categories are all for high-end merchandise.

Supplier Count: The system contains over 2000 suppliers. They all complied with the demands of the business. You can rely on them, you can be sure of it.

Integration: WooCommerce and Shopify may be integrated with the system.

Shipping: They promise to ship within seven to twelve days.

Private-Label: They have a programme where you may ask them to produce certain products on your behalf. They will brand these items and make sure that you are the only one who owns them.

HyperSKU Pros

  •   They have seven warehouses
  •   They ship to 72 global destinations
  •   They ship liquids and batteries

HyperSKU Cons

  •   This a dropship supplier for expensive items

Your objective with HyperSKU is to use your brand name to break into the Indian market. Their US-based warehouses provide a hurdle in this situation. You can, however, market your products as “imported” and “high-quality.” Customers will, in fact, be prepared to pay more and wait longer for the value you provide.

15. Printify – best for Shopify integration in India


Another print-on-demand business, similar to Printful, comes in last on my list. Printify, on the other hand, approaches its business differently.

Printify allows you to select suppliers based on where they are located. Therefore, if you are looking for POD product providers near India, this is great news for India.

Printify Features

delivery: For the rest of the world, the majority of these suppliers charge a flat delivery fee. Only shipping costs to the USA and Canada are different.

Design Tool: To create your items, you may utilize their integrated design system.

Integration: WooCommerce, Shopify, and other systems may be integrated with the system.

Printify Pros

  •   They have a massive catalog of blank products
  •   You can integrate it with Shopify and WooCommerce
  •   The service is free to use
  •   The shipping cost and time are transparent

Printify Cons

  •   The mock-up options are a few

If you upgrade your account, Printify will give you a discount. Some vendors can offer you discounts of up to 20%. If you are selling in quantity, we advise it. If you want to offer POD items to companies in India who want to give them away as corporate freebies, try Printify.

Conclusion – Best Dropshipping Websites in India

Thе array of top-notch dropshipping platforms in India offers an abundancе of opportunities for aspiring еntrеprеnеurs. From usеr-friеndly intеrfacеs to еxtеnsivе product catalogs, thеsе 15 bеst dropshipping wеbsitеs sеrvе as invaluablе rеsourcеs for anyonе looking to еmbark on thеir е-commеrcе journеy. With sеamlеss intеgration, rеliablе support, and a burgеoning markеt, thеsе platforms еmpowеr individuals to еxplorе thе rеalm of onlinе businеss with confidеncе and еfficiеncy, fostеring a landscapе ripе for innovation and succеss.

FAQs on Best Dropshipping Websites in India

  1. Which is the best dropshipping in India?

The best drop shipper partner in India is the one who has the product you need. For instance, if you want to sell custom mouse pads, we can tell you that Printful and Printify will be your best providers.

  1. Where can I find a dropship supplier in India?

The first thing is to use our above list. Every supplier is in use, and we have evaluated each. After checking our list, you can still say that you want more, we suggest you go to our website, Dropship.IO, to find suppliers. Read on where to find suitable dropshipping suppliers.

  1. Is India using dropshipping profitable?

Yes, very much so. In the first part of this article, we gave you a simple mathematical equation of what profit you will be getting if India is the market you are targeting for your dropshipping business.

  1. Which company is best for dropshipping?

The firm that provides the product you wish to sell is the ideal dropshipping partner. Additionally, you want to choose a firm that is familiar with your eCommerce business plan. Deal with vendors who are considerate of your company.

  1. How reliable are shipping times for products from dropshipping websites in India?

Depending on the platform and the part of the world the supplier is located Shipping times can differ among the dropshipping websites. It is better to check the delivery time estimations given by the websites and consider the processing time, shipping methods, and any possible delays because of customs or other unexpected situations. Similarly, customer reviews also provide details on the credibility of delivery times for various products and vendors.

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