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Top 12 Facebook Groups in India

Taking a chance on the volatile world of online communities? Explore the top 12 Facebook groups in India, where connections exceed boundaries. From niche interests to buzzing discussions, these best Facebook groups offer a virtual haven for followers seeking meaningful interactions and shared passions. Dive into a diverse tapestry of engaging conversations by joining these curated communities on the ever-evolving canvas of Facebook groups. Here will let you know about the top facebook groups in India:

What are Facebook Groups?

On Facebook, groups are places where people may join as members and interact with other people regularly. The primary focus is on interaction, and any accepted group posts—if you want to require admin approval—will appear in the group feed. Groups encourage a sense of community and might be private. Through groups, people are more likely to build relationships with other users as well as with you.

Facebook GroupsGroup TypeLink to Join
Positive VicharPublicJoin Now
FashionPrivateJoin Now
Jhatpat RecipesPrivateJoin Now
Science CuriousPublicJoin Now
Makeup ArtistsPublicJoin Now
Netflix RecommendationsPublicJoin Now
PinkishePrivateJoin Now
Kids' Nutrition and RecipesPrivateJoin Now
FITTRPrivateJoin Now
UEFA Champions League 2023/2024PrivateJoin Now
UI / UX Designers & DevelopersPublicJoin Now
Home BuddiesPrivateJoin Now

List of Top Facebook Groups in India

 1. Positive Vichar – Facebook Groups

Positive Vichar facebook group

Positive Vichar stands out among the top Facebook groups in India, cultivating a sanctuary of positivity in today’s challenging landscape. With many posts featuring positive quotes, thoughts, jokes, and spiritual content, this group has garnered one of the highest followings on Facebook in India. Despite being a public group, Positive Vichar maintains a closely monitored and moderated space, ensuring a spam-free environment where members can immerse themselves in uplifting content and breathe out negativity with each scroll.

  • Type of Group: Public
  • Number of Members: 3.1 million

2. Fashion

Fashion facebook group

Step into the fashion conversation with one of India’s largest dedicated fashion Facebook groups. A personal enclave for fashion enthusiasts, this group emerges as a vibrant hub for sharing the latest trends, posts, and captivating fashion videos. Boasting some of the highest followers on Facebook in India, It proves the collective passion for staying chic and connected within this thriving online community. Join the conversation, share your style, and witness the dynamic world of fashion unfold in this engaging and influential Facebook group.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 2.5 million

3. Jhatpat Recipes

Jhatpat Recipes

Jhatpat Recipes stands out as a culinary haven within the expansive landscape of Facebook groups in India. As one of the largest food communities, this vibrant FB group offers a one-stop platform for cooking enthusiasts. Embracing the spirit of “Jhatpat,” or instant, it becomes a go-to for members seeking easy and quick recipes, fostering a culture of sharing and instant solutions. Whether you’re a beginner seeking culinary inspiration or a homemaker looking for recognition, Jhatpat Recipes brings a delightful blend of learning, appreciation, and the thrill of engaging in competitions, making it a standout in the realm of Facebook public groups.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 498.8K

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4. Science Curious 

Science Curious fb group

Dive into the fascinating world of Science Curious, a standout among the best Facebook groups in India. Specifically designed for scientific and knowledge enthusiasts, this gender-neutral community is a haven for spam-free knowledge sharing. Explore mind-numbing scientific facts and engage with like-minded individuals passionate about Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Space, Cosmology, Astrophysics, and more. In this vibrant Facebook group, curiosity knows no bounds, making it a must-join for anyone keen to explore the wonders of science on the expansive canvas of Facebook in India.

  • Type of Group: Public
  • Number of Members: 363.3K

5. Makeup Artists – Facebook Groups in India

Makeup Artists - best facebook groups

For Makeup Artists, the “Makeup Artists” Facebook group stands out as a dynamic community among the best Facebook groups in India. Whether you are an established artist or an aspiring one, this FB group serves as a dynamic platform to exchange techniques, explore fresh concepts, and stay abreast of the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of cosmetics. Join this engaging space where learning, collaboration, and sharing your artistic flair unite with millions of fellow makeup enthusiasts, making it a premier destination on Facebook in India for makeup artistry lovers.

  • Type of Group: Public
  • Number of Members: 4.7 million

6. Netflix Recommendations

Netflix Recommendations - highest followers on facebook in indiaGoing into the world of top Facebook groups in India, “Netflix Recommendations” emerges as a standout community. This vibrant group is a haven for binge-watching enthusiasts, offering insightful reviews of Netflix movies and shows its members enjoy. The shared passion in this Facebook group not only acts as a guide to healthy choices but also creates a community spirit where suggestions turn into shared experiences. It’s not just a group; It’s a dynamic place for Netflix enthusiasts to discover and evaluate the best streaming entertainment.

  • Type of Group: Public
  • Number of Members: 4.6 million

7. Pinkishe – Top Facebook Groups in India

Pinkishe - facebook india

Pinkishe stands out as a unique and dynamic Facebook group, inviting Indian women looking for a supportive self-help community. Operating as a registered NGO, Pinkish focuses on women’s advancement, well-being, dignity, and happiness, aspiring to be the largest on-site networking hub for women. As one of the best Facebook groups, it serves as a community for interactions, sharing, learning, and seeking assistance from fellow members and Pinkishe volunteers. Participate in impactful causes, encourage networking, and increase your overall happiness, joy, and well-being by participating in team-enriching events and activities. Join Pinkishe for a journey that exceeds virtual connections and provides real-world impact.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 158.3K

8. Kids’ Nutrition and Recipes

Kids Nutrition and Recipes

Kids Nutrition and Recipes catches attention as one of the top Facebook groups in India, a growing community created by Baby Destination. With a huge following, this Facebook group is a haven for moms to exchange valuable insights on nutrition and kid-friendly recipes. With a vast network of real mommies and nutritionists, it transforms the parenting journey by offering personalized recommendations, and a space to share recipes, seek feedback, and inspire fellow moms within the supportive embrace of this flourishing Facebook community.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 346.2K

9. FITTR – Facebook Groups in India

FITTR - top facebook groups in india

FITTR stands out as one of India’s top Facebook groups, pursuing a mission to promote change journeys and promote a culture of wellness. This dynamic community is a judgment-free zone where members share their fitness transformations, creating a space for continuous learning and mutual inspiration. With the most followers on Facebook in India, FITTR thrives on the exchange of pictures, videos, and invaluable feedback from both industry experts and fellow enthusiasts. Engaging in this vibrant group not only allows you to inspire those just starting but also provides an opportunity to draw inspiration from those further along in their wellness journey.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 704K

10. UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

UEFA Champions League

Set out on a footballing journey like never before with the UEFA Champions League 2023/2024, standing tall among the top Facebook groups in India. Immerse yourself in the pulse of the game as this dynamic community delivers the latest news, captivating photographs, thrilling videos, and live scores straight to your feed. Beyond the game, connect with fellow enthusiasts, forge new relationships, and celebrate the shared passion for football. With the UEFA Champions League Facebook group, experience the camaraderie that unites fans across India on the grand stage of Facebook.

  • Type of Group: Private
  • Number of Members: 2.6 million

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11. UI / UX Designers & Developers

facebook public groups list

UI/UX Designers & Developers, one of the top Facebook groups in India, is creating a hot spot for creative minds in the digital space. With a focus on user interface and experience, this group has become the go-to place for graphic designers and designers to collaborate seamlessly. It’s not just locals; It is a dynamic platform where new design ideas and valuable advice find a shared space, fostering growth and creativity across the wide range of Facebook groups in India.

  • Type of Group: Public
  • Number of Members: 646.2K

12. Home Buddies

Home Buddies

Home Buddies stands tall among the top Indian Facebook groups, creating a niche for home enthusiasts looking for a warm and safe place. Expressed in the Facebook public group name, the group is a haven where members passionately brainstorm ideas, share insights, share experiences, and discover hidden treasures about all things home-related. Embracing a diverse community, Home Buddies is a testament to the power of connectivity through shared passions and interests on Facebook in India.

Type of Group: Private

Number of Members: 3.2 million

Benefits of Joining Facebook Group

  • Simple method for building an online network with any target audience
  • They are excellent for seeking guidance and assistance.
  • A great method for content promotion
  • A place for great feedback
  • Better Organic Reach
  • Interest-based community

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our exploration, these top 12 Facebook groups in India emerge not just as spaces for conversations but as virtual communities that bring together many shared interests and different viewpoints. From the dynamic exchange in these best Facebook groups to the unique connections formed, it’s clear that the world of Facebook groups extends beyond mere discussions – it’s a group of connections that enrich our online experiences, proving that the best Facebook groups are the ones we actively contribute to and learn from.

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