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Best Student Internships to Earn Money in India – Guide 2024

Best Student Internships to Earn Money in India

By opening the doors to real-world experience and financial empowerment, student internships in India redefine the traditional concept of learning and earning. These dynamic opportunities not only bridge the gap between education and industry but provide a convenient way for students to earn money by gaining valuable insights. As the educational landscape improves, the concept of a student internship program becomes synonymous with both personal growth and financial independence, laying the foundation for a future where learning and earning seamlessly converge. 

What is Online or Work from Home Internships?

Online or work-from-home internships represent a modern paradigm shift where interns operate from the comfort of their homes. In this virtual setup, interns engage in tasks and collaborate with mentors and colleagues through video calls and conferences. Resonating with on-site internships, the distinctive feature is the absence of a physical workspace, allowing interns the flexibility to work from anywhere. Online internships for students are gaining prominence, offering students a unique opportunity to save time and costs while actively participating in professional experiences, facilitated through phone calls, emails, Skype, and video chats.

Top 5 Ways to Find Online Internships in India

  1. Online Job Portals
  2. Internship Aggregator Platforms
  3. Networking on LinkedIn
  4. Educational Institutions
  5. Company Websites

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Where to Find Student Internships? – List of the Best Internship Sites in India

Until now, we have gotten to know what is an Internship and what the benefits we gain by doing an online internship are. But now the question is where to find the internships and how to find the internship. So let’s see some of the best platforms that help us get these student internships. 

1. LinkedIn

Linkedin - internship for students

Visit Here

If you are searching for the best online internship for students with certificates, it’s time to search on the LinkedIn site. As, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site, offers a vast array of features, including the ability to find remote internships, full-time job opportunities, and professional courses. Create a polished profile, explore national and international virtual internships, and utilize this social media platform for networking with future recruiters and colleagues. 

2. Naukri.Com

Naukri - internship for engineering students

Visit Here

Naukri.com, an Indian employment site, serves as a valuable resource for information on vacancies in various companies. Here it is possible to find the top internship for undergraduate students. The thing you need to do is, create your profile, upload your internship student resume, and search for work-from-home internships or full-time jobs in India. Naukri.com connects you with top companies offering virtual internships. There is an option where you can choose the city where you can work. For example: If you want to do an internship in Bangalore location you can look for an Internship in Bangalore for Students.

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3. Indeed – Internship for Students 

indeed - student internship program

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Indeed, with over 200 million users, is an employment site where you can upload your internship student resume, apply for student internship jobs, and potentially get scouted if your profile matches employer requirements. It’s a platform to find online paid internships and apply for work-from-home internships while fostering professional connections. In the search, you can also find paid internships for students. 

4. GlassDoor – Internship for Students


Visit Here

GlassDoor is a widely used job search platform that professionals turn to for better opportunities. Explore companies offering virtual internships, and check their profiles, ratings, and reviews before applying. GlassDoor helps you make informed decisions about virtual internships and potential employers. Here it is simple to find paid internships for students. By searching for internship jobs for students in GlassDoor you can get all the details in hand. 

5. Internshala

Internshala - internships for students

Visit Here

Dedicated to providing college students and freshers with paid online internships, Internshala is a trusted platform with thousands of internship opportunities. Filter and apply for internships, and expect to learn and grow your skills and career. Internshala is a go-to platform for both online paid internships and offline internships.

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Best Work-from-Home Internships for Students

1. Content Writer – Internship for Students

If you have the ability to write and can weave magic with words, content writing is a top choice for work-from-home internships. The demand for quality writers is constant, making it easy to work remotely in this field. Use writing skills on topics of interest to showcase your abilities during your job search. So, content writing has become an online internship for students in recent times. 

2. Graphic Designer

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool, and companies are looking for talented artists to create engaging promotional images. If you are proficient with tools such as Photoshop and enjoy graphic design, consider doing a virtual internship in this field. Practice creating logos, social media posts, and reels to showcase your design skills in the class of internship for students. 

3. Web Developer

Web development is an excellent option for work-from-home student internships if you have coding skills. Create websites, code, and ensure their functionality from the comfort of your home. Learn coding languages like HTML, C++, and JAVA to gain knowledge about web development before seeking online paid internships.

4. Data Analyst – Online Internship for Students

As a data analyst, you will work on collecting, sorting, and refining raw data into usable formats. This role involves presenting data for better understanding. With the internship for students, familiarize yourself with tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL, Google Sheets, Tableau, and SAS to enhance your skills for a successful data analyst internship.

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5. Virtual Assistant

Online internships as virtual assistants provide opportunities for work experience. Virtual Assistants assist individuals with executives in tasks such as scheduling meetings, preparing documents, presenting presentations, and carrying out day-to-day responsibilities, success in this role requires communication, time management, and analytical skills.

6. HR Recruiter

HR recruiters play an important role in selecting the best employees for organizations. Apply for a remote internship as an HR placement to gain insight into the hiring process. Responsibilities may include updating job postings, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and onboarding selected candidates. Develop communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills to excel in this field. This is the best online internship for students. 

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Benefits of  Internships to Students

  1. Learn Professional Skills

Online internships offer real-life experience, delivering essential professional skills such as time management, teamwork, and project management. With the advantages of internship for students, every intern gains valuable insight into balancing work and life.

  1. Accessibility

Work-from-home internships allow you to work from any location, meeting the needs of students, homemakers, or full-time employees. This freedom allows the trainee to seamlessly combine their day-to-day work with trainer responsibilities.

  1. Increase Global Exposure

Unlike traditional office internships limited to local or national companies, work-from-home internships offer opportunities for global exposure. International organizations and multinational corporations often provide internship opportunities to individuals worldwide.

  1. Gain Remote Work Experience

In an era where remote work is becoming a norm, online internships prepare interns for a full-time remote work environment. Interns develop digital skills crucial for thriving in a remote work culture.

  1. Saves Time

Compared to traditional internships, online internships save time by eliminating the need for daily commuting. This time-saving advantage allows interns to focus more on their work and learning objectives.

  1. Helps in Making Career Decisions

Online internships give college students insight into career issues to help them make informed career decisions. The hands-on experience allows them to understand the basics of a job before committing to a specific career path.

Best Industries That Offer Online Internships

Several industries offer online internships, providing students with opportunities to gain valuable experience from the comfort of their homes. These industries recognize the importance of remote collaboration and provide students with the chance to contribute to real projects, enhance their skills, and earn a stipend while pursuing online internships. If you are seeking paid internships that allow you to work from home, exploring these fields can lead you to your ideal remote internship opportunity. Those industries are:

  • Social Media
  • Blog Writing
  • Content Creation
  • IT
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Designing
  • Marketing
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Software Development
  • Web Designing

Frequently Asked Questions: Internship for Students

1. Which company is best for online internships?

When it comes to online internships, many well-known companies stand out as industry leaders, offering valuable learning experiences and skills development. Popular companies such as Google, Amazon, EY (Ernst & Young), and LinkedIn are considered top choices for aspiring interns. Connecting with these companies not only provides exposure to cutting-edge projects but also adds significant credibility to your professional journey, making them ideal destinations for online student internship opportunities.

2. Does Internship Count as Work Experience?

Yes, student internships do count as work experience. Internships provide hands-on exposure to a specific industry or field,  allowing individuals to gain practical knowledge and insight into professional settings. Including internships on your resume showcases relevant experience and can significantly contribute to your overall work history.

3. Do You Get Paid for Internships?

Yes, internships are often paid, although there can be exceptions. Many companies offer paid internships to compensate individuals for their time and contributions. However, some internships may be unpaid, with a focus on providing valuable work experience to interns. 

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