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Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Products in India 2024

Best 10 Affiliate Marketing Products in India

Venturing into the world of affiliate marketing in India requires associating with the best products to promote, and fortunately, the market offers many options. From trending affiliate products to versatile offerings that resonate with diverse audiences, the array of affiliate products in India is both vast and dynamic. Aspiring marketers can explore this fertile land, choosing from a variety of connected marketing products that promise not only excellent returns but also the ability to accommodate the preferences of Indian consumers.

What is an Affiliate Product?

An affiliate product is an item or service marketed and sold by third-party affiliates who earn a commission for each sale generated through their promotional efforts. These individuals or entities play an important role in the sales process by leveraging their marketing skills to drive customers to the product, ultimately earning a commission based on the sales they facilitate.

Top Affiliate Marketing Products in India

1. Phone Accessories

phone accessories

Phone accessories stand out as premier affiliate marketing products, offering creators a great way to encourage their audience to buy. No matter if it’s a flagship phone or a mid-range phone, the demand for accessories is strong, making it a profitable way to sell faster and earn commissions. Rather than endorsing cheap imitations, partnering with top accessory manufacturers is key. The accessories include LED-backed phone cases, wireless earbuds, and other Bluetooth-enabled products.

Why Promote Phone Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 35,000 

Expected Commissions: Approx 8-10%

The market is growing, and many companies offer add-on plans. The potential for sales and earnings is vast, from phone back cases to screen protectors and pop sockets. Participating in programs like Amazon affiliate or Flipkart affiliate marketing gives you access to the growing market for phone accessories in India. Encouragingly, the industry estimates that the phone accessories market will reach $310 billion by the end of 2023, with 2030 expected to exceed $413 billion.

2. Wireless Chargers

Wireless Chargers

As the world is shifting away from wired products, wireless chargers are fast becoming a mainstay in the tech world. With gadgets evolving towards wireless models, the demand for these convenient and efficient chargers is on the rise. The market is buzzing with styles and designs, offering a golden opportunity for connected vendors to promote and sell these trending products in India. As wireless chargers slowly fade into the background, now engaging in wireless transaction communications puts merchants at the forefront of its growing trend.

Why Promote Wireless Chargers?

Global Search Volume: 195,000 

Expected Commissions: Approx 8-10%

For one, the world continues to embrace a wireless future, making these chargers increasingly important. The potential for success is clear, with wireless chargers receiving around 200,000 searches per month, and the number is expected to grow. By aligning with this trend, affiliate marketers can tap into a lucrative market, positioning themselves to meet the growing demand for these innovative and trending products in India.

3. Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

In the realm of affiliate marketing products, wearable devices stand out as a lucrative and trending category. Products such as fitness trackers and smartwatches are gaining popularity with a focus on health and technology. Marketers have a golden opportunity to earn better commissions by partnering with large e-commerce stores targeting wearable customers.  Amazon Associates and others can offer comprehensive e-commerce affiliate programs at discounted rates for affiliates, making this a viable option for those looking to promote trends so seems to be encouraged.

Why Promote Wearable Devices?

Global Search Volume: 10,000 

Expected Commissions: Approx 1- 20%

Promoting wearable devices as affiliate marketing products is a wise decision considering their high demand and the diverse range of products available. The increasing interest in health and fitness has propelled the popularity of wearable devices, creating a substantial potential customer base for affiliates. With prominent brands like Mi, Apple, and Samsung entering this segment, affiliates can tap into a variety of products to promote. 

4. Home Automation

Home Automation

The home automation industry has experienced substantial growth in the last five years, driven by notable innovations like video doorbells, smart locks, and smart hubs for Smart Homes. Due to a strong consumer following, and being one of the best affiliate marketing products these devices aim to promote cutting-edge trends in home automation. offering an attractive market for traders. 

Why Promote Home Automation?

Global Search Volume: 45,000 

Expected Commissions: Approx 5- 20%

The answer lies in the industry’s remarkable expansion, with the U.S. market alone worth $64.66 billion by 2022. Growing at a CAGR of 27.3%, a promising future is evident for this market, especially with the kind of movement that tech giants like Amazon are creating and Google’s acquisition of Nest Highlights the vast advances in home automation. For affiliate marketers, this means a huge additional opportunity to promote best-selling affiliate products that have a strong presence in the growing home automation market.

5. Fashion Products

Fashion Products

Fashion products stand out as a major choice for trending products in India for affiliate marketing, offering a range of options such as clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Through the continuous growth of the fashion industry based on seasons and celebrity recommendations, this affiliate marketing product category presents a trendy and evergreen niche. Successful engagement requires a dynamic marketing strategy that evolves quickly to adapt to changing trends to ensure that promotional efforts remain relevant and effective.

Why Promote Fashion Products?

Global Search Volume: More than 1 million

Expected Commissions: Approx 7 – 50%

Promoting trends in affiliate marketing is all the more attractive due to the routine nature of the industry. Each year brings new products, providing the affiliates with a consistent supply of products to market. The fashion industry’s impressive value, over $1 billion, not only offers lucrative opportunities for connected retailers but can also be associated with products that bring customers happiness and confidence. Promoting fashion products provides flexibility to cater to different audiences and provides the advantage of high-quality Indian products to be successful.

6. Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment stands out as a top-selling affiliate marketing product, catering to the health-conscious populace in India. Whether it’s exercise wheels, strength training equipment, weights, or home gym systems, fitness enthusiasts are always looking for these products. Additionally, affiliates can tap into the market by promoting related products such as water bottles, bags, shoes, and workout clothes, providing a wide range of products to meet the needs of the fitness geek. 

Why Promote Gym Equipment?

Global Search Volume: 140,000

Expected Commissions: Approx 4 – 15%

Promoting gym equipment can be exceptionally profitable as an affiliate marketing product due to the high demand from fitness enthusiasts. The global fitness equipment market reached USD 12.43 billion by 2021 and is growing every year. Projections indicate a further increase to $16.56 billion by 2030, highlighting the substantial market size and the immense potential for affiliate marketers in this fitness-focused industry.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - affiliate marketing products

Virtual Reality (VR) has emerged as a promising frontier in the realm of affiliate marketing products. Companies making progress in VR technology are increasingly exciting the public, especially as major players like Facebook, now Meta, channel their efforts into promoting VR. The popularity of VR in India is growing, and it gives it a profitable strategy for affiliate marketers. Products such as virtual reality glasses, headsets, game sets, and keyboards present exciting opportunities for affiliates to promote and earn commissions in this burgeoning market.

Why Promote Virtual Reality?

Global Search Volume: 187,000

Expected Commissions: Avg 5 – 25%

Promoting virtual reality products holds a lot of potential, especially as companies like Meta aggressively pursue the VR headset market. Investing in this trend now opens the doors to potentially huge growth, a possibility that will increase with the expansion of interest in VR. Moreover, affiliate marketers can explore promoting not only physical VR products but also VR game arcades and businesses utilizing VR technology, offering a diverse range of avenues to earn profits in the ever-evolving landscape of affiliate marketing products in India.

8. Real Estate Products

Real Estate Products

Getting involved in real estate products as part of your affiliate marketing strategy is a competitive but profitable niche that requires patience. Building trust in the real estate industry can take time, but once trust is established, the income potential is huge. From negotiating with real estate brokers to promoting home insurance policies, the opportunities in this area are vast, providing a variety of options for affiliate brokers to explore. This is one of the best affiliate marketing products that you must try on. 

Why Promote Real Estate Products?

Global Search Volume: Around 3.2 million 

Expected Commissions: Avg 8 – 25%

Promoting real estate products holds a lot of appeal because of the company’s reputation as one of the safest investment options. With millions of people actively searching for real estate opportunities including mortgages and insurance advice,  the potential for affiliate marketers is vast. As nearly 99% of individuals aged 23 to 56 use the internet for home searches, tapping into this massive online audience presents a golden opportunity to leverage the vast potential of affiliate marketing in the real estate domain.

9. Gaming and Accessories

Gaming and Accessories - affiliate marketing products

In the realm of affiliate marketing products, games, and accessories stand out as a dynamic and profitable group. Games, an ever-growing form of entertainment, have improved with the introduction of cloud computing, eliminating the need for physical CDs. SaaS products have contributed to this shift, making gaming controllers, grip pads, controller skins, and customization the best products for affiliate marketing to promote. Over the past decade, the gaming industry has grown exponentially, creating a huge demand for a applies to console peripherals and accessories.

Why Promote Gaming and Accessories?

Global Search Volume: 507,000 

Expected Commissions: 1 – 20%

The gaming industry’s relentless growth, coupled with companies vying for a share of this expansive market, underscores the significance of promoting gaming and accessories. The recent surge in interest around the metaverse further amplifies the gaming hype, offering affiliate marketers an unparalleled opportunity with incredible upside potential. Selling various gaming peripherals not only taps into a thriving market but also aligns with the evolving landscape of digital entertainment, making it a strategic choice for those venturing into affiliate products to promote in India.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry - affiliate marketing products

Jewelry stands out as a lucrative option among affiliate marketing products, given its status as a trillion-dollar industry. This niche offers vast opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote a variety of products, including jewelry watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, and more, within their network. With the jewelry industry exceeding 340 billion dollars in 2022, the potential for earning money through affiliate marketing in this trending product category is significant.

Why Promote Jewelry?

Global Search Volume: 750,000 

Expected Commissions: 5 – 15%

Simple – everyone likes it! In a world where almost everyone adorns some form of jewelry, the scope to promote these trendy products online is vast. Whether it’s the timeless elegance of engagement rings or the ever-evolving trends in bracelets and piercings, affiliating with jewelry products allows marketers to tap into a widespread consumer base, making it a rewarding venture in the affiliate marketing landscape.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of affiliate marketing in India, the landscape of opportunities unfolds with a myriad of choices among the best products to promote. From the timeless allure of jewelry to the ever-evolving trends in various affiliate products, the market offers a diverse array of options.  Aspiring marketers can navigate this dynamic terrain, capitalizing on trending affiliate products and promoting them online to unlock a world of earning potential. 

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