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Top 6 Part-time Jobs for Students Online

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Freelancing can be applied to different job roles, you can do writing, photo editing, generating AI images and more to earn money as a Student.

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Online Translator

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As an online translator you can attend meets to help people and assist them to understand various languages and also teach them.


Book Reviewer

The Job of a book reviewer is simple .They have to highlight the points that they come across in the book. And this is the best suitable job for a Student.

Copy Paste/ Send SMS

Simple as the Job name itself describes. Copy paste data or send messages. An easy job for students online.

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Proof Reading

Reviewing, suggesting what need to be added in the content/article is proof readers work. Basic Grammar Knowledge is all the required to start. Hence, best job for students.

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Data Entry

If you are aware of Excel, word doc and have skills of organizing data. Then this is an easy job for students to make money online.